Shopping cart and Payment

Shopping cart and Payment

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery

    SHOPLAZZA offers pop-up reminders and coupons to entice customers with abandoned carts and enhance conversion rates.

  • Add to Cart Settings

    Add to cart lets customers jump right into the cart or checkout page, which reduces customer loss. Merchants can also set up a floating "Add to Cart" button on product detail pages to remind customers.

  • Checkout Customization

    The Checkout function supports Cash-on-Delivery (COD), plus express and standard checkout. Merchants can customize the checkout process as needed.

  • Multi Payment Methods

    Receive payments through E-wallets, credit cards, and Cash-on-Delivery (COD). SHOPLAZZA also accepts payments from major payment service providers including Adyen, Worldpay, Stripe, dLocal, Ebanx, Affirm, Klarna, Pacypay, Checkout, Wintopay, and Cardpay.

Store Management

Store Management

  • Manage Customer Data

    Filter customer data by type and track shopping habits. Merchants can access contact information and shopping history with ease.

  • Custom Email Template

    SHOPLAZZA provides high-quality email templates; you can also make your own!

  • Global Shipping Solutions

    SHOPLAZZA offers worldwide express shipping coverage at the best rates.

  • Domain Set-up

    You may link your store to your own domain via the SHOPLAZZA admin page.

SEO With

External Traffic

SEO With

External Traffic

SEO With

External Traffic

SEO With

External Traffic

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Rank higher in search results with content, code, and design change, as well as through external links.

  • One-Click Google Ads

    Google Ads can be tough to figure out for merchants. As a Google partner with in-app integration, SHOPLAZZA offers one-click account creation, plus complete backend support for quicker ad approval and automated payments.

  • Smart Ad Placement System

    SHOPLAZZA is the only eCommerce platform that helps China-based merchants to place Google ads. Informed by machine learning and rich supplies of big data, our ads generate sales.



  • Inventory Management

    SHOPLAZZA offers inventory management service that can track your stock, and is able to stop sales once inventory becomes zero.

  • Product Variants

    Merchants can customize up to 300 product variants depending on specified characteristics, and change price, SKU, weight and inventory of each variant accordingly.

  • Smart Collections

    Merchants can create collections from product filters such as category, type, seasonality, on sale, etc. Smart collections can be made by grouping products by supplier, price range and inventory.

  • No Product Limit

    You may upload an unlimited number of products.

Virtual Server

Virtual Server

  • Amazon Web Services Cloud

    SHOPLAZZA uses AWS Cloud, the fastest, most reliable cloud service in the world. We guarantee access speeds for all users worldwide; SHOPLAZZA automatically expands bandwidth on Black Friday to meet merchant needs.

  • Instant Update

    All functions on the SHOPLAZZA control center (other than themes) are updated automatically to keep your store up to date.

  • SSL Certificate

    Your SHOPLAZZA store has 256 Bit SSL Certificate to protect your client and store data.

  • PCI Level 1

    SHOPLAZZA complies with PCI DSS Level 1, which guarantees the security of client credit card information.

Analytics Tools

Analytics Tools

  • Real-time Tracking

    Customer behavior data, including visits, orders, sales volume, are updated 10 times per minute.

  • Conversion Funneling

    Track every step of the purchase to analyze conversion rates and spot issues for optimization.

  • Detailed Page Data

    Track website data, including the number of visits, time spent on-page, and bounce rate, to understand consumer behavior and optimize your website accordingly.

  • Google Ads Marketing

    Link your store with a Google Ads account and deal with fees, currency conversion, cashless payment, and transactions with a click. Services such as Google Merchant Center, Free Listings, and Shopping Ads generate additional traffic to your store. The automated diagnostic tool will review your account standing, and Google Ads offers data tracking for your peace of mind.

7/12H Support

7/12H Support

  • All-Day Live Support

    SHOPLAZZA offers 7/12 customer support for paid plans and will answer any questions that you may have.

  • Exclusive Client Consultation

    A Global Merchant Success team will check in with you once you sign up for a paid plan and help you with store setup, as well as questions you may have.

  • SHOPLAZZA Help Center

    Find frequently asked questions (and detailed responses) in SHOPLAZZA Help Center regarding store building and management.

  • Official Feedback

    Merchants can contact our customer service on SHOPLAZZA or via the online form at We will get in touch as soon as possible.