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Zeelool's Independent Site Revitalization Leads to a Staggering 50% Increase in Performance!
Through continuous innovation and an enhanced shopping experience, Zeelool-de has significantly increased its appeal to consumers, contributing to its numerous votes for the Innovation Award. In 2023, the site's Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) saw a year-over-year increase of 50%, accompanied by a notable rise in customer satisfaction. Collaborating with Shoplazza, Zeelool-de leveraged exceptional website design and AIGC technology. This partnership enabled features like virtual try-ons, personalized store layouts, and multi-language site options. Zeelool's deep understanding of consumer needs and its progressive strategy has set a new benchmark in the fast-fashion eyewear industry.
From 0 to $10 million,building a DTC brand moat
With its forward-thinking innovation and outstanding execution, Speediance has brought a revolutionary smart fitness solution to global fitness enthusiasts. Leveraging Shoplazza's SaaS website building platform, Speediance not only enhances the reach and influence of its direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand marketing but also provides users with a new intelligent home fitness experience through customized product solutions and scenario-based marketing. This innovative, all-in-one solution elevates user experience and convenience. Furthermore, it establishes a comprehensive user growth pathway for Speediance, covering the entire process from attracting customers to activation, retention, conversion, and promotion.
From Source to Consumer: Mastering the Direct-to-Consumer Evolution
In 2023, icy-blue demonstrated remarkable innovation and commercial acumen, transitioning from a traditional drinking water source supplier to a dynamic Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand. This evolution was bolstered by a strategic partnership with Shoplazza, enabling icy-blue to launch a dedicated DTC platform. The brand also introduced innovative subscription models and bespoke product customization options. This significant advancement has not only elevated its brand visibility but also enhanced its competitive edge in the market. These accomplishments are a testament to icy-blue's acute understanding of market trends and underscore its impressive performance in the E-commerce landscape.
Application Partner of the Year (China)
CartSee & Shoplazza's Email Marketing Mastery: Elevating GMV by 30% Through Collaborative Innovation
In 2023, CartSee emerged as a leader in optimizing customer engagement, leveraging channels like email and SMS marketing to exceptional effect. Their partnership with Shoplazza has been a game-changer, integrating advanced user engagement strategies, AIGC technology, and data-driven approaches to deliver automated marketing solutions. These solutions span various sectors, including apparel, wigs, accessories, and small goods. With an eight-year legacy in cross-border E-commerce and a skilled AI team, CartSee has developed innovative AI solutions. These include a machine learning-based click and conversion model, a user behavior-driven RFM model, and a personalized operation strategy, all gleaned from the best practices of leading cross-border E-commerce firms. These tailored solutions have been pivotal in crafting targeted user operation strategies, significantly boosting the GMV of their brand clients. Following CartSee's service implementation, merchants have witnessed an 80% increase in their subscriber list, 40% more user engagement, a 30% rise in repeat purchase rates, and a remarkable 30% growth in sales.
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Application Partner of the Year (Global)
Elevating E-Commerce with Advanced Marketing Automation Techniques
Omnisend, a front-runner in E-commerce marketing automation, has revolutionized the industry by focusing on email and SMS marketing services. Their platform enables businesses to fine-tune their E-commerce marketing strategies, effectively managing scenarios such as shopping cart recovery, new customer welcomes, and order confirmations. The partnership with Shoplazza marked a significant stride for Omnisend, especially in expanding its influence within the Chinese market. Through system integration and various online activities, Omnisend saw a notable increase in merchant numbers and subscriptions. This achievement cements Omnisend's position as a leader in insights and technological innovation in the E-commerce industry and underscores its exceptional skill in market expansion.
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Logistics Partner of the Year (China)
Dealfy's Innovative Approach to COD Order Challenges: Elevating Delivery Success Rates in the Middle East
Dealfy, emerging from a premier cross-border E-commerce platform in the Middle East, brings nearly five years of logistics service experience. Specializing in GCC warehousing and distribution, they serve vital markets, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Jordan. Dealfy's deep understanding of the Middle Eastern market positions them as a comprehensive service provider for independent site sellers, focusing on improving delivery success rates. In 2023, Dealfy collaborated with Shoplazza to host the 'Independent Site Middle East COD Special Salon' in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Hefei, and Xi'an, each event drawing an attendance exceeding 100%. The 'Middle East Cross-Border E-commerce White Paper,' a collaborative effort between Dealfy and Shoplazza, has become an essential tool for in-depth industry analysis and understanding of the Middle Eastern market.
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Logistics Partner of the Year (China)
Freightcom's Innovative Leap in E-commerce Logistics for Canada
As a trailblazer in E-commerce logistics, Freightcom offers a revolutionary cloud-based, comprehensive transportation management platform. This platform grants merchants access to top-tier global courier services and streamlines logistics processes, including quoting, ordering, and tracking, using cutting-edge cloud technology. In 2023, Freightcom achieved a significant breakthrough by integrating order fulfillment directly within Shoplazza accounts, greatly facilitating Shoplazza merchants' entry into the Canadian market. This seamless integration provides logistic tracking and competitive pricing and boosts shipping flexibility and operational efficiency for merchants. The success of this partnership has been pivotal in creating growth opportunities for Shoplazza merchants in Canada while enhancing their ability to deliver exceptional shipping experiences to their customers.
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WorldFirst Boosts Independent Website Sellers: Record 69% Revenue Increase, Surpassing Traditional Marketplace E-commerce Sellers
Payment Partner of the Year (China)

With its superior payment services, WorldFirst has provided independent site sellers with an unprecedented payment experience. With a deep understanding the needs of sellers, WorldFirst has fully integrated with Shoplazza, from product synergy to brand collaboration. Leveraging its robust business qualifications across multiple key global markets and a steadfast commitment to customer fund security, WorldFirst has offered Shoplazza merchants outstanding cross-border payment solutions. Through the multi-dimensional cooperation in 2023, WorldFirst's services for independent site sellers have achieved a more than 69% year-on-year growth in revenue scale, surpassing e-commerce platform sellers for the first time.Looking ahead, WorldFirst will continue to deepen its collaboration with Shoplazza, merging strengths to better serve global independent site sellers with one-stop shop establishment and financial solutions, enabling them to operate their independent site businesses more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Pioneering Easier, More Convenient, and Secure E-commerce Payments
Payment Partner of the Year (Global)

Citcon is the leader in global payments. Citcon’s payment platform enables seamless global commerce at scale by connecting the world’s businesses with more than 150+ payment methods including mobile wallets, local payment schemes, cryptocurrency, buy now pay later and traditional credit cards - all through one simple integration. The strategic partnership between Citcon and Shoplazza holds great significance for e-commerce and instore customers. It brings together the expertise of two leading companies, to equip merchants with the tools and capabilities necessary to enable them to expand their reach, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth on a global scale.

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Yinolink's Global Advertising Revolution: Empowering Merchants Across 200+ Regions and 9 Main Channels Worldwide
Solution Partner of the Year (China)

Over the past year, YinoLink, in collaboration with Shoplazza, has set a new standard in industry partnership. Their combined efforts have birthed an efficient ecosystem that merges independent site development with strategic traffic acquisition. This integration has markedly enhanced traffic efficiency for branded websites. The partnership has notably streamlined Facebook advertising, offering merchants end-to-end campaign management and comprehensive tracking. This has significantly boosted promotional effectiveness and ROI. Furthermore, the YinoLink-Shoplazza alliance is dedicated to providing merchants with specialized knowledge and practical experience in international marketing. This initiative aims to equip merchants with a deeper understanding and better adaptation to the diverse needs and cultural nuances of markets worldwide. Such endeavors have substantially bolstered the merchants' international capabilities, significantly expanding their global presence and competitive edge.

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Accelerating Digital Marketing Evolution, Boosting E-commerce Business and Brand Performance With SeenPro Consulting
Solution Partner of the Year (Global)

SeenPro Consulting, a Canadian digital marketing firm, excels in delivering outstanding digital marketing and SEO solutions to businesses, enhancing their business operations and brand performance. In a constantly evolving market landscape, SeenPro is dedicated to breaking down the barriers between traditional and digital marketing, seamlessly merging the two to create greater commercial value for businesses. In 2023, SeenPro continued to lead the way in digital marketing innovation, adapting to the ever-changing trends in the digital marketing sphere. With a deep understanding of their clients' business needs and objectives, SeenPro provided Shoplazza merchants with tailored solutions, effectively enhancing their global market presence and influence.

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