Last update: January 9, 2023

The definitions listed below ("AUP Definitions") apply to SHOPLAZZA 's Acceptable Use Policy("AUP"). SHOPLAZZA reserves the right to update and change the AUP Definitions at any time.

"Materials"  means any photo, image, video, graphic, written content, an audio file, code, information, data, or other content uploaded, collected, generated, stored, displayed, distributed, transmitted, or exhibited on or in connection with your Account.

"Prohibited and Restricted Items" means products which by applicable law and regulations, and Shoplazza Category Sales Compliance Policy, are forbidden, or require special licences or permits from a government authority to sell in the region where your store is located and the region where you sell. Example of Prohibited and Restricted Item is as follows:

"Services" has the meaning set out in the SHOPLAZZA Terms of Service .

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