Get customers to purchase again

Maintain and manage existing customer info. 

Use email remarketing to prompt repurchases.

Improve your conversion by recovering bounced visitors.

use email marketing to prompt repurchases

Manage clients with Mailchimp

Shoplazza is fully integrated with Mailchimp to improve your marketing efforts. Use Mailchimp with Shoplazza functions to recover potential customers from your checkout page, subscription or social sharing prompts with customized messages.

Shoplazza is fully integrated with Mailchimp

Recover abandoned transactions

Increase your revenue by recovering customer loss from any transaction process step using Shoplazza’s exclusive remarketing tools.

use email marketing for abandoned cart recovery

Deliver promotional offers

Avoid the spam folder by using Shoplazza mailbox plugins.

promotion offer email marketing strategies
get started your online store with shoplazza
Set up shop with Shoplazza.