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The Shoplazza Awards recognize the best merchants and partners in innovative growth, customer experience, brand development, and empowerment in the global Commerce.

The Shoplazza Awards 2022 sets two categories of “Merchant of the Year”and “Partner of the Year”.

Merchant of the Year

Discover the most outstanding Shoplazza merchants in product innovation, business growth, and customer experience.

Merchant of the Year


Born to be global

Creality is one of the top 3 consumer-grade 3D printer brands worldwide. Focusing on the R&D and production of 3D printers, Creality’s products cover "FDM and light curing".

In April 2022, Creality and Shoplazza officially launched the brand’s eCommerce store together, and the sales exceeded RMB 80 million in just 7 months. Combining the branded official website and online store cultivated more private domain traffic, thus enhancing brand competitiveness and driving long-term business growth. Creality was awarded with its unique product positioning, outstanding business model, innovative form of brand website + online store website, and its excellent traffic and sales performance.

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Merchant of the Year


Travel freely with skate minded lifestyle

Exway is committed to developing and producing convenient short-distance transportation products. Its high-end electric skateboards perfectly combine modern technology and traditional craftsmanship.

In 2018, Exway officially cooperated with Shoplazza. Since the partnership with Shoplazza, Exway has achieved excellent results through eCommerce sales and rapidly developed brand distributors in the US, Germany, the UK, and more. In 2019, Facebook recognized the successful collaboration by Shoplazza and Exway as a successful case of SMEs going overseas. Exway was awarded for its simple and cool page design, outstanding marketing strategies, and creating a truly smooth experience for consumers.

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Merchant of the Year


Committed to become the world-class automotive accessory brand

AlloyWorks manufactures and sells automotive radiator accessories all over the world, and it has established all parts from production, transportation, warehousing, and retail with technology to meet customer needs and launch high-performance auto parts products.

AlloyWorks partnered up with Shoplazza to expand from marketplaces to a cross-border DTC business model. Within 3 months, AlloyWorks has achieved performance growth by 100%+ and continued to break previous records. By the 10th month, AlloyWorks reached its annual target 2 months earlier than expected. AlloyWorks was awarded for its simple web-design, highly customized product page, and growth performance achieved through the online store.

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Partner of the Year

From the perspective of partners' annual operating capabilities and business growth, discover high-quality partners who have made outstanding contributions to the ecosystem.

Partner of the Year (China)

Sinotrans Express

Becoming a world-class intelligent logistics platform enterprise

Sinotrans Express Co., Ltd. as a company under China Merchants Group, specializing in cross-border e-commerce logistics, operates multiple fixed-line routes and provides full-chain logistics products covering most of the regions like Japan, South Korea, South East Asia, Europe, North and South America. with the Sinotrans service network that covers China and major economic regions around the world, as well as its international air and sea routes, the average monthly shipment volume is over 30 million parcels.

In the future, based on Shoplazza’s merchants’ actual needs, Sinotrans will launch customized warehousing, dropshipping and delivery solutions from global warehouses and other integrated warehousing and logistics services. By leveraging Sinotrans domestic and overseas storage resources and its digital and informational upgrades, with its deep collaboration with Shoplazza, more merchants will be able to enjoy efficient and stable cross-border logistics services.

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Partner of the Year (Global)


Global Order Tracking

Founded in 2011, 17TRACK has been focusing on international package tracking for over 10 years and is the largest tracking platform in the world from the traffic perspective. To track every package more comprehensively and in more detail for all merchants and consumers, 17TRACK categorizes the package status into 9 major states and 27 sub-states.

After-sales logistics is crucial for creating a great brand experience for the consumers. By assisting Shoplazza’s merchants in providing convenient, timely and comprehensive international package tracking services for consumers, 17TRACK enhanced the preference toward the brands and encouraged repeat purchases, thus was awarded the Partner of the Year (Global).

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Partner of the Year (China)


Global interactive marketing platform to drive cross-border sales growth

Based on the self-developed CEP (Consumer Engagement Platform) platform, QuickCEP offers one-stop global SaaS marketing tools and solutions for Chinese cross-border merchants. With QuickCEP, cross-border merchants can expand from "store operation" to "user operation" and gain customer insights from overseas to improve the GMV of the store and brand awareness.

QuickCEP helps Shoplazza cross-border merchants to make the transition from "store operation" to "user operation" by gaining insight into the consumption intentions and shopping behaviors of global consumers, thereby improving the store's GMV and the brand recognition. As a result, it was awarded Partner of the Year (China).

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Partner of the Year (Global)


Sell more with low-cost, low-risk affiliate solutions

ShareASale is an American affiliate marketing platform established in Chicago, USA in 2000. It is one of the popular affiliate marketing platforms. As of 2023, ShareASale serves more than 241,000 active affiliates (influencers, bloggers, discount websites, publishers, media, etc.) and over 21,200 advertisers worldwide.

ShareASale was awarded the Global Partner of the Year Award for providing Shoplazza merchants with an easier way to connect with affiliates and manage affiliate marketing campaigns. ShareASale has empowered merchants with the opportunity to cooperate with a large number of affiliate members. Through ShareASale, Shoplazza merchants can increase the exposure of products and services, and bring high-quality traffic based on consumer trust, boost product sales and gain more awareness.

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Partner of the Year (China)


Empowering modern businesses to grow beyond borders

With its technology-centered mind, Airwallex has built a global payments and financial platform for modern businesses. Airwallex's platform empowers businesses of all sizes with digital financial technology solutions to grow without borders.

Airwallex was awarded for helping Shoplazza merchants improve their payment solution and addressing the difficulties of online payment. The solution provides excellent foreign exchange rates, enabling merchants to achieve more efficient and cost-effective global payments and financial management.

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Partner of the Year (Global)


Safe, secure & cost-efficient payment

Payoneer provides a fast, low-cost solution for small to medium business owners with eCommerce stores. Payoneer Checkout enables payment acceptance from PayPal, credit and debit cards in 150+ currencies. It also allows customers to purchase the products with an easy payment flow.

Payoneer provides multi-currency settlement services to Shoplazza merchants, saving costs through favorable exchange rates, simplifying the onboarding process, and supporting all-in-one account management. It was awarded the Partner of the Year (Global) for its efficient payment services. With a strong partnership between Shoplazza and Payoneer, the payment services for cross-border merchants will be highly simplified and the management of online stores will be more efficient.

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